How to start a blog in 2018

start a blog
How to start a blog

So, you want to start a blog? he!

Might be you heard from your friends that blogging is the part of internet or “I do blogging on internet why don’t you try” or maybe you hear someone whispering in someone’s ear “blogging is a great opportunity to peoples who are jobless and the best thing is that they earn god damn money from it” INSANE!! right? so from many mouths, you hear this and you found out interesting and then you start searching on google “how can I start blogging”, “how can I write a blog”, “what is a blog” or “how to write shoot and get peoples reading that shoot”.

Now, i know a lot of questions are in your mind related to blogging and that’s why i am here to help you. I am going to tell you “how you can start a blog exactly Step-by-Step”.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn about the popular blogging platforms and how you can start a blog using them.

Let’s begin,

Why should you create a blog?

So, before I start this tutorial about creating a blog i want to talk about why you should create a blog. Not looking for too many reasons let me tell you my best four.

Note: “skip” if you already have an idea about it.

  1. First of all, Blog is a quick place where you can start delivering the ideas and knowledge to the peoples who really are “interested”.
  2. also, Blog is a place where you can learn fast or become a professional writer.
  3. so, Blog is an opportunity which you can use as your hobby and write something worthy and interesting.
  4. My best part “Earn money” (a lot for a good writer).

The steps in this guide to start a blog

It is not too difficult to start a blog if you are a beginner. You can easily setup a blog from scratch. All you have to do is to follow the simple steps in this guide related to start a blog.

The 5 steps to start a blog:

  1. First of all, Choose a suitable blogging platform.
  2. then, Choose a Hosting for your blog.
  3. and Choose a Domain name for your blog.
  4. Design your blog
  5. Get resources to your blog

There’s the 5 step to start a blog let’s jump into step #1

Step 1 – Choosing a suitable blogging platform

When you step into choosing a blogging platform you should be aware of the outcome of the choice because at the start you think your platform is best but when you start working on it you find the things getting little difficult like you unable to utilize features you want to implement. This becomes worse when you find out that you are unable to design the blog the way you want. So, after having 5 years of experience in blogging I recommended you to select WordPress instead of other platforms.


There are more than 90 million active users in WordPress, i mean a lot.

Blogging platforms

There are other platforms, listed below

  • Blogger – A very famous blogging platform by google
  • Tumblr – Nice platform to blog and a social network

Why WordPress is most used and better than these two. WordPress is better in many ways here is seven reasons?

  1.  WordPress is fast and reliable.
  2. Lot of free templates on WordPress.
  3. WP or WordPress is scalable, it means if there are more users WordPress can handle things easily.
  4. The WordPress is multi-user.
  5. Because WordPress takes payment.
  6. WordPress has speed.
  7. and WordPress supports multimedia.

Now, Step #2

Step 2 – Self-hosting or giving try to free alternatives?

Here’s the important step, and time to make a decision about it. you need to make a decision on behalf of either self-hosted blog or free blog.

Here’s a good news WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr all three offers a free blog to everyone.

But, there are cases with them:

1. You won’t be able to apply your domain address to blog

In free blogging platform, your blog will look a little boring. For example, set up a blog with free blogging platform and it will look like this:


2. Limitations to functionality

There is a limitation in WordPress (  and other free blogging platforms. like you can’t monetize your blog and also you want to share your blog – It’s limited. Sharing photos and videos – also limited.

3. Ownership of blog

In free part, you weren’t the owner of the blog. Your service could be denied and you’ll lose your data. Very frustrating, Right?

On the other hand, with a Self-hosted platform on your own domain name you are the owner of your blog. Sharing the blog is easy and limitations are like the wind. you won’t face the ugliness in domain address (Example: and better in many ways in terms of monetization and customization.

So, How much you cost for hosting and domain, let me tell you the truth about the major ones.

Blogger: No cost for the blogging platform. about $10 to $15 for the domain name (Regular price for one year) $10 to $15 for the domain name.  $4 for personal, $8 for premium and $24 for the business blog (Price per month) Sounds very costly. Right? $10 to $15 for the domain name and no cost of blogging platform with all the functionalities and no limitation. (My best choice)

Read: The Difference between and

Step 3 – Start a blog with your own domain address (if you choose a self-hosting and custom domain)

Now, it’s time to start with a domain name. choosing a good domain name is easy just consider to relate it to your content type.

For example: If you start a recipe blog consider including keywords related to your blog in domain address like,

  • allrecipes .com

and avoid these type of names for your recipe blog,

  • (looks like a dating blog)
  • (looks like movie blog)
  • (looks like entertainment blog)

Choose a Domain provider

Now, you have a little idea about the domain name preferences next thing is to choose a domain provider. I use BigRock because it’s affordable and nice. Means,  “too good” “oosome” also if you apply my coupon code:  during the purchase you’ll receive 25% discount on domain registration.

All you need to do is to signup as new customer and choose the domain name. After that choose the suitable hosting. Most hosting provider provides separate hosting for your WordPress blog which costs a little less but if you choose to host you definitely find WordPress in your Cpanel So, no worry. I would be recommended you choose domain privacy during purchase because it protects your private information.

signup is easy, let’s understand it better.

  1. First, Go to BigRock or any other you know and search for your domain name.
Registration with bigrock
Domain registration


2. Second, Choose the period for the domain. Remember, renewal option is also provided in your account dashboard. Insert the coupon code: to get 25% off on your domain. Select if you want your domain information private. and click “Next”.

privacy and discount
Domain setup


3. Third, Create new account or login if already have one.

Make new account or sign up
Signing up


4. Fourth and final step in registering. Pay and complete order.

pay for your order
Purchase completion


Now, After purchasing a domain name select the hosting for your blog. As i previously said,  choose between WordPress hosting and Simple hosting (for WordPress) and if you want to start a blog in blogger just leave the hosting and continue to Blogger.

At this time you should be confident about which platform you are going to use. Then only take the step to continue to either WordPress Or Blogger.

How to setup WordPress Blog?

  1. To setup blog in WordPress begin with Cpanel of the website. login with your credentials and scroll down where you see the script installer.
select the wordpress in apps installer
Installing WordPress


2. After selecting WordPress app installer select “install now”. And on next page, scroll down to “software setup” and “site settings” and insert carefully. Empty “In directory” data because if it’s not empty the WordPress will install in the sub-directory folder.

set your domain
Setting up domain


3. The third step is to insert admin credentials in “Admin account” settings. The WordPress provides you an e-mail automatically.

Admin related settings
Admin settings


4. Scroll down to Theme selection settings and choose any theme. Remember it could change after WordPress installation. After that push the install button.

theme selection for wordpress
Select theme


5. The installation will take 1 or 2 minutes and after the success, you will see the message.

installation is complete
Installation completion

Congratulations!!! As a result, Your new WordPress blog is set-up and ready.


Setting up a blog in WordPress is easy but in blogger, it is easier.

How to set up blogger blog?

  1. First of all, You have to have a google account so that to use blogger. If you are new in google accounts sign-up here. After signup go to blogger and push start using blogger button and go to “create new blog” link.
Start using blogger
Create new blog


2. Create the title, address and choose a theme for your blog. Follow the button create the blog and you’re almost done.

create a new blog
Create blog


3. Now, the final step. Find the “blog address” in “basic” tab under “settings” and click on “Setup a third party URL” and insert your domain name. Remember, you need to have nameservers redirecting to blogger website. Change it in settings of your domain host or contact your domain provider. The name servers for blogger are:

Installation is complete
Installation Complete

Congratulations!! As a result, Your blogger blog is now set up.

Let’s move to step #4

Step – 4 Designing the blog (WordPress and Blogger)

You have Purchased a domain, set up the blog now Here’s the important step designing the blog. Skills like coding are not necessary for this part (that’s the fun) because it’s already loaded with tons of themes to choose, both in WordPress and Blogger.

A great man one’s say – “If you can’t make it work good, make it look good”

Well, there are many themes to choose in blogger and WordPress. But, I recommend you to start with premium themes. Because premium themes look good and work well. One of my favorite location for premium themes is ThemeForest. Average cost is around $30-$40.

Either, there are a lot of free themes on the internet, Just search for them.

Now, you might be want to know how to install the theme.

1. How to change the theme in WordPress?

First, log in to your WordPress account, On the left side look for Appearance and go to Themes. Search and Select any theme you wish to use for your blog. If you have a theme from outside (Either premium Or free) Simply, click the “add new” and upload it.

Upload your theme
Theme installation


2. How to change the theme in Blogger?

In blogger, left sidebar contains the theme option, Select it and choose any theme you wish to use.

blogger choose theme
Blogger Theme


If you want to upload a new theme click on “backup/restore” button on the right-top corner and upload your new theme.

upload or backup theme in blogger
blogger upload theme

Taadaaa! Now, your blog looks good.

Finishing design, Let’s jump to the final step of our tutorial.

Step 5 – Useful resources for bloggers

Blogging comes with the experience of social media and online media. But if you want to make most of the blog to avoid newbie mistakes, there’s always a change for learning more and development whether you are expert or dummy.

These articles help you to avoid mistakes that have come your way:


And that’s all.

If some of you get stuck on the question how to start a blog please feel free to ask for help. More, Leave a comment below.



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