Link Building SEO

Hello there, Welcome to another Tutorial, Today we’re going to discuss link building SEO in depth.

In this tutorial, we’ll learn about the link building basics along with advanced methods and strategies. Then, we can implement those strategies to our site in order to increase rankings, traffic and sales.

First of all, i want to thank all the personals who advise me on various topics who helped me come through this topic of SEO link building.

So, let’s begin with the overview of link building SEO.

Link building overview

The link building is still a part of SEO in 2018 and the most important factor of ranking by Google.

Some key points are:

  • Link building means creating backlinks.
  • Building links are considered as a Google ranking factor.
  • A good link or high-quality link is better than 1000’s of Low-quality links.
  • The backbone of any website is a link or links.
  • Also, Links increases engagements and traffic.

I think these 5 points are enough to give us a head start, Now let’s move to next section of our guide which is fundamentals.

Link Building Fundamentals

fundamentals of link building

In the recent years, google has made huge changes to their search algorithms. As a result link building or links has secured the first place in google ranking factors.

Back-links are necessary in case we want to beat your competitors and who doesn’t have competitors nowadays?

But, The clarity towards topic is important before starting building backlinks.

So, let’s come to the general questions related to links.

Question: What is a Link?

Answer: A link is simply a reference to your site.


Question: How reference will look like?

Answer: A reference will look like or The Daily Junction


Question: Should link Building automatic or manual?

Answer: Links can be automatic and manual as per our need.


Those were the answers to the basic questions. Now let me tell you the Types of link or link types.

Types of links:

  1. One way linking: It means a website gives a link to another website without any benefits to its own website. The most recommended method considered by Google. For example, A gives a link to B.

2. Two way linking: It means two website gives links to each other based on mutual understanding. It is not bad but if you do it excessively it will be considered as a SPAM. For example, A gives a link to B and B gives a link to A.

3. Three-way linking: It means three websites gives a link to each other in a manner one-way linking is not included. It is not recommended at all. For example, A gives a link to B, B gives a link to C and C gives a link to A.

4. Social media links: A link from social networking sites. Should we create? definitely yes.

types of links

Do-Follow vs No-Follow

The simplest answer would be:

Do-follow: This link will pass the PR (PageRank) and it is considered as highly recommended link type by search engines.


No-follow: This link will not pass PR and it is less recommended link type by search engines.

Dofollow vs nofollow difference

Question: How to check either a link is do-follow or no-follow?

Answer: Right-Click on the link and select “inspect element” or “inspect”. On click, The coding page will appear it will show the link type.

Now, I think you guys have pretty good clarity on the topic.

So, let’s move to the next section which is google link building guidelines.

Google Link Building Guidelines

google link building guidelines

Anything we do outside of Google guidelines of link building can harm our site and left us with penguin and panda penalty.

Question: How can we identify if our site is penalized or has a Google penalty?

Answer: It’s easy to identify using google webmaster tools or search console and various other sites like Barracuda penguin tool.

In google search console, check for the options called “Manual Actions”. If we see “No manual webspam actions found.” we are good to go.

The best way to avoid penalties is to follow google link building guidelines rather than resisting them.

Google link building Guidelines are:

  • First of all, Avoid buying or selling links that pass PageRank. This includes exchanging links for money. Sending free stuff and asking for a link in exchange.
  • Second, As I already mentioned doing excessive two-way linking.
  • Third, Large-scale link campaigns and guest post campaigns with links.
  • Fourth, Using automatic bots or software to create links.
  • Unnatural links, Links that are not placed on a page by the site owner considered as a violation of google’s guideline. Some examples are:
  1. Text-based Advertising with do-follow backlinks.
  2. Taking payments for articles which include links.
  3. Links to optimized anchor texts. For example, There are so many beautiful t-shirts in the t-shirt store which are nice fitting t-shirts if you want to buy blue t-shirt along with long t-shirts you can get at our t-shirt shop.
  4. Forum comments with optimized links in the signature or post. For Example:
    Thanks, nice content.
    Lucky shoes store with new designs.
  5. Widely distributed links in footer or templates of many sites.
  6. Low-quality directory and bookmarks site links.
  7. Keyword-rich, low-quality or hidden links embedded in widgets that are distributed across various sites, For example:
    Total visitors: 2,145.

So, these were the guidelines to make a link or link guidelines.

Question: What if we make a link without following google guidelines?

Answer: The link will be considered as a Black Hat Link.

Black Hat Links

black hat vs white hat seo

A link is called a Blackhat if it doesn’t follow the google’s guideline.

If you need a sudden boost to your website’s traffic black hat link is the way but, I don’t recommend black hat links at all.

It’s easy for Google to figure out which link is white hat and which is black hat. So, for safe going we must ensure we only build links that follow google guidelines for link building.

So, I think you understood the guidelines very well. Now, I want to move to the next section which is Link building methodology.

Link Building Methodology

link building methodology

First of all, To start with link building we must have a website or blog. For starting a blog read our guide to how to start a blog in 2018.

There is one unique method I personally use as a methodology of link building. I call it action plan of link building. Probably the best method yet.

It goes like this:

  • First of all, write an interesting but original content.
  • Second, Do SEO on that.
  • Try different techniques every time after publishing the content.
  • Following the effective techniques and find more ways to successfully implement it.
  • Recheck links once in a month. Done.

To get more success you can use our “Watch My Back” or “WMB” Method included in “Strategies of link building” in this guide.

The methodology is important before giving shape to our idea. It’s like using a gun for our bullets. -Myself 😛

So, we’re moving to our next section of how to find high-quality links?

Finding High-Quality Links

 find high quality links

I think all of us know the importance of quality links in link building. But before we start building links for our websites we must figure out which link will have the high quality and which won’t.

There are many things we need to ensure the quality of links.

Authority of page

It is often known as “Page Authority” or “PA” which is a measurement system of Web-pages by Moz.

Page authority determines which page has high value and which doesn’t.

A link in high authority page gives more benefits in SEO then link in less authority page.

The Authority scale starts at 1 and goes up to 100.

Authority of site

domain authority

Often known as “Domain Authority” or “DA” is the measurement system of the root domain. It ensures domain’s value. The higher the Authority is the higher will be it’s value.

we’re talking about value here.

“Consider Johnny Depp and your neighbor talking about your site. Also, consider your neighbor is not Johnny Depp So, Who will people listen to the most? and whose talk is worthy? obviously Johnny Depp”

Similarly, the site which has more value the link on that site will become more valuable automatically.

Relevancy of the site:

For ranking higher in Google, we just don’t need a high-quality link but also link needs to be especially relevant too.

For a site with entertainment niche, we need links from different entertainment domains.

Consider a Haircare company talking about beauty products, That’s an example of Non-relevancy.

Relevancy is hair care company talking about scalp health.

Link position:

As Google says “The position of links matters” and it really does. Because sometimes users don’t read the full article but instead read few lines.

The link position should be at the starting of the post or article for maximum benefits.

Link anchor text:

The text above link is called its anchor. Anchor text should be related to the link if it’s not it’ll mislead the users and cause you no business from that link.

link anchor text

Consider a link towards coffee shop and anchor text something like this example:
The Lucky shop in the city street is the best way to have a coffee.


The Lucky shop in the city street is the best way to have a black coffee in Delhi.

And it rings the bell.

Guest post:

Guest post is another way to get links easily.

And yes it’s pretty easy.


Just with some content, we can get a link from foreign sites easily.

Try this method.

  • First of all, Find relevant sites to your site.
  • Also, Search their contact or e-mail. Many sites have their separate section for the guest posting.
  • Next,  Tell them you wish to write to their site.
  • If they agree and most of the times they are then come up with an awesome post.
  • Tell them if users want to read more they can redirect to our site by simply putting a link in the article.

So, these were the methods of finding high-quality links. Now I want to move to our next section of the guide of link building, Content marketing.

How To Get Natural Links With Content Marketing

content marketing

While applying link building in SEO another thing to take care of is content.

It is not difficult at it seems like.

opposite easy to implement.

So, what are the aspects of content marketing?

1. Visual assets

Question: What are visual assets?

Answer: Visual assets are:

  1. Infographics
  2. Diagrams
  3. Charts
  4. Images

Using visual assets increases engagements to pages and makes our content easy to understand.

Also, Simplify our content and makes it look good.

So, applying these little changes would turn out a huge impact on our site’s traffic.

Next thing is,

2. List-post

Question: What is list post?

Answer: A Numbered list or Bulleted list of Tips, Topics, Steps, Methods, Strategies Reasons and about anything.

It works most of the times because many readers just want to figure out the things fast and in an explained way.

Also, It’s easy to write and explain things in a complete way.

3. Original Research

One thing I want to say about researching content than writing and publishing it is: It always gives us more understanding towards the topic.


Gives us the confidence to write and make something interesting out of the topic.

So, More people find out the content useful.

As a result, Naturally, it will bring us links rather than roaming for links here and there.

Our next section of the SEO guide of link building is more interesting which is How to get backlinks?

How to get backlinks?

how to get backlink

Getting backlinks is the main concept of link building.


How will we get a backlink?

The most affordable ways to get backlinks are:

1. Natural links:

A natural link is a link someone gives us without asking for backlink or backlinks.

It the outcome of our great content and true knowledge.

It is the most important type of link gain and gives us the love of links or link juice.

How does it work?

Consider we created our content after doing weeks or months of research and after publishing it another site owner just visited our content and figures out it is more useful content or data then other content he was searching before. So, he decided to put our content a try on their site. Definitely, he’ll put a link to mention our site or pages. That’s how we’ll get a natural backlink.

2. E-mail Outreach

One thing you can do manually for getting backlinks is to find backlink and their contacts.

Moz provides a detailed list of backlinks to any site. Once we find out the backlink site of our competitor site we can easily ask for a backlink.

moz backlinks

The Outreach works well in case we have content to support it.

Reaching out for links is not bad for SEO link building.

The third and final method in how to get backlinks is Self-created.

3. Self-created links

The links we created ourselves is called self-created links.

For example Guest posts or Quora links.

Now, The final and most important section of our SEO link building guide is Link building strategy.

Strategies for Link Building

strategies of link building

So, what are the strategies of link building?

How can we practically implement a link building strategy and execute it?


The answer is right here.

Let’s move to our best Three strategies.

Broken Links Method

Broken link building is one of the best methods of link building.

In this method, we figure out which links are expired or not working anymore for any particular domain and its pages.

Here’s how it works?

1. First of all, Install Check my Links Chrome Tool

This tool will easily figure out broken links to any pages.

check my links

2. Find pages with lots of outbound links.

The best way to find broken links is searching those pages which have lots of outbound links.

because the more the links are the more chances the links are broken

But, this does not end yet.

Then, move to the third step.

3. Check for broken links

Now, run the extension and it’ll figure out broken links on that page.

broken link method

4. Contact the site owner’s regarding the broken links.

Finally, contact the site’s owner about their broken links and include your page and tell them this is something they might want to include instead of a broken link.

Try writing something helpful in your own words.

Resource Page Link Building

First of all,

Question: What is resource page?

Answer: A resource page is a page on a website that lists useful links and resources for a particular topic.

Getting on resource page is healthy and organic.

But how we will get a resource page link?

That’s easy like kicking a ball.

Step #1 Find the resource page

The easiest way is to do a google search. We can begin our search with a variety of combinations.

Combination pairing your desired keyword with the word “resources” and “links”.

With these search strings, we can find pages containing resources and links along with the keywords.

  • First: Keyword + “resources”
  • Second: Keyword + “useful resources”
  • Third: Keyword + “helpful resources”
  • Fourth: Keyword + “links”
  • Fifth: Keyword + “useful links”
  • Sixth: Keyword + “helpful links”

So if we run search for recipe, we would search for recipe + “resources”

Resource link building

Now, we noticed that there are 4 million results on that search. So our second step would be reaching out the owner for the link.

Step #2 Reach out

It’s not tough to get the resource even some sites actually asking people to suggest a new resource.


But, if you don’t see don’t scared. You can always write an e-mail and reach out.

Let us give you an example.

Hey [first name],

I was doing some research on [topic] and noticed that you have [this killer resource page on your site]. Awesome job!

Since you’re clearly an authority on the subject, I thought you’d be interested in checking out my article on [topic]. It’s super in-depth and I think it would make an awesome addition to your resource page.

Here’s the link if you’d like to check it out:


[Your Name]

You see, It’s simple.

These were two popular ways of link building, In addition

My All-Time Favorite Watch My Back(WMB) Method

Finally, we are here.

It’s time to reveal the truth.

“Whenever we do link building and publish some article on high authority domain we don’t always get page authority high even just 1”


Because it’s a new page. So we make the tier 2 articles to support tier 1 articles. Is that simple?

Now, how this method goes like?

First of all, have a look at this image it’ll clear the process overall.

Watch My Back Method The Daily Junction

Now follow these 7 simple steps.

Step #1 Write money URL article

  • Minimum 800 words
  • Keyword Density: 0.5% – 1.0%
  • Target keyword in page title: 0%
  • Relevant Keywords: 10%

Step #2 Share your money article and Get Traffic

  • Share it with Facebook groups
  • Also, Share it on Facebook fan pages
  • Reddit share and Hacker news
  • Do paid marketing on Facebook, StumbleUpon and Tabolla

Step #3 Publish Tier 1 article

  • Minimum 300 words
  • Target keyword density: 4%
  • Target keyword in title: 0%
  • Link to 1 famous relevant website
  • Anchor text: Mostly relevant keyword with 1% exact match

Step #4 Drive traffic to tier 1 article

  • Post and share URL in Facebook groups
  • Also, Share in google+ communities
  • Do paid marketing

Step #5 Write and publish Tier 2 articles

  • Minimum 200 words
  • The Target keyword density in article: 2%
  • Next, Target keyword density in title: 0%
  • Also, Target keyword density in anchor text: 50%

Step #7 Share tier 2 articles

  • Facebook groups, Facebook pages, Reddit, StumbleUpon and hacker news.

Step #8 Diversity link types

  • Create no-follow links
  • Post in medium
  • Also in storify

So, You’ve successfully completed our guide of link building SEO.

Hureyy, we’ve made it. We learned the basics, methods and techniques which will help us discover the possibilities on link building in 2018.

Now if you have any question it’s easy to hit me with that rather then asking your neighbor. 😛


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