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Guest Blogging For The Daily Junction

From time to time, We have been requested by many of our visitors to start guest blogging. We have considered their request and decided to start guest blogging in our blog. Start by submitting your post as guest user. add featured image and other media items to your post and submit for review. We’ll see it, check it and if everything seems right to us, We’ll publish it.

If you’re interested in guest blogging in The Daily Junction, Please read and we’ll let you what we’re looking for and how the process works.


Why guest blog?

Guest posting is first, a wonderful opportunity to those who want to increase their rankings. Also Second, a place to share your idea, thoughts and knowledge with large group of readers. The idea of guest posting is very interesting and popular. The commitment to share knowledge to peoples is what it has. The great thing is links pointing to your domain also gives you a ranking boost.

Here are some best reasons:

  • Get your ideas in front of thousand of readers.
  • Build networking
  • Get your company known,
  • And of course, a good link to your website.



Topics we cover

Our main goal is to provide user with all time favorite topics to read. The user has many different categories and sub-categories to navigate on our blog. The user can find easily the related posts on the topic and read. Generally, we are providing the following categories to our readers.

  • How-tos
  • SEO
  • Entertainment
  • Business
  • Foods and Recipes (under Lifestyle)
  • Health and Fitness (under Lifestyle)
  • Fashion (under Lifestyle)
  • Travel (under Lifestyle)
  • Gadgets (under Technology)

Also, if your post is nice and you have a good posts to cover any new topic. We’ll consider adding it to our blog.


Quality guidelines

The quality is very important. We consider giving values and teach to our readers. We would like to avoid those topics which are covered many times over. Also, we’re not looking for the rehashed post from other blogs. Here’s the ultimate guideline.

“The daily junction post should make our readers to leave what they are doing. And read the whole post from top to bottom. Article must fulfill¬†their knowledge so that they can implement on their lives for better understanding. And make them share it”


Approval recommendations

We avoid approving articles which contains incorrect information and spam links.

  • We recommended to use original content and rich media. The original content can be explained as self-written and published only in one place.
  • We recommended to use the “yoast SEO” tool to ensure good/ok readibility and SEO.


Read our fully scored article here : SEO

(yoast SEO is available for contributors only.¬†You need to have written a post to become a contributor. For contributor account please add “I WANT TO BE A CONTRIBUTOR AT THE DAILY JUNCTION” at the end of the post submitted here. We’ll try to response in 1 day. In case, you don’t receive a reply you can directly send us an e-mail. The e-mail address is at “about us” section in footer. Please make sure you provide correct contact info either “e-mail” through form or “Social address” via Post.)


How to submit a guest post

You don’t have to wait for too long. Just start by filling out this form (HAPPY BLOGGING):

Upload Featured Image and Additional Images